Choco, myself is a amateur photographer who has much emotional feeling in the personality.

The photographs in this gallery are taken with Contax SLR Aria with f2.8/28mm Carl Zeiss Distagon and f1.4/50mm Carl Zeiss Planar, Nikon SLR N6006 with Nikkor f3.3-4.5/35-70mm and with Tamron Tele-Macro f4-5.6/70-210mm , Nikon Digital Camera D70 with Nikkor f3.5-4.5G/18-70mm and with f4-5.6G/70-300mm, Olympus digital camera D-600L and D-200L, and Lomo.

It was a great opportunity for awaking of my deep concerning about photography that I took the course of "A Survey of the Photographic Craft" at New School in New York 1998 spring. It was nice to see each student with his/her point of view as a photographer, and I thank the instruction of Mr. George Schaub and his book " Using Your Camera" which provides the basic concepts needed to make great photographs.

I would like to thank Mr. Makoto Fujita for his idea and assist to make this gallery more attractive.
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